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Li visited huatian group

Source : Release time: 2013/3/18 17:19:30


At about 5 PM on July 14, the political bureau of the CPC central committee li changchun, deputy minister of the propaganda department, the director of the state administration of radio, film and television Cai Fuchao, zhang yannong, general administration of press and publication liu binjie in s, director of the secretary of the provincial party committee, the provincial standing committee, vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor LiuWeiPing, provincial party committee and provincial party committee propaganda department minister excitation small jie and CPPCC vice chairman, party secretary Zhang Jinghui, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Li Wenqing at huatian group will speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote cultural reform and development of the research.
Li line accompanied by xiao, chairman of victory and the leadership of the provinces and cities, into the huatian technology production line of manufacturing and testing, he listened to the introduction carefully watch the production site. In the bonding process, li looked at under a microscope LQFP176L products; In the test department, li ting beside SOT236 products processing equipment, listen to the product quality, performance, and the introduction of equipment capacity. When li walked into the department office, the office staff all the audience stood up and broke into a "good head!" Asked. Li said with a smile: "please sit down!" The atmosphere is warm.
Subsequently, li and leaders of the provinces and cities, huatian group executives, and relevant personnel in the production hall.
After the visit, in the chairman of xiao to the enterprise production and business operation situation and the group development outlook report, li pointed out that the deep huatian electronics group, is located in the northwest, to participate in the fierce market competition, and stronger enterprises, need to pay more, or even one hundred times harder than others! He wants to continue to increase support for alex, gansu province, economic daily and gansu daily also should enhance the publicity of huatian, improve enterprise well-knownness, where alex develop better!      Huatian group, executives and relevant departments of inspection. (reporter Li Wenping)